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Repair of fur products

What do if your favorite fur coat is no longer in fashion, it became big or small for you?

Every woman, and in some cases, a man familiar with the problem: the cabinet is full, but nothing to wear! And how do we behave in such a situation? Most likely, we update the wardrobe and favorite things leave gathering dust in the closet.

At the same time, taking in a hurry, we do not consider the decision to find an identical, dear heart fur coat is a hard work. But, all new - is well forgotten old!

So when you decide to renovate an old fur coat and bring it to the "Ronnon" company, then at the end, after some time you get a fashionable, stylish, and brand new fur coat! In addition to the sale of fur products company also provides repair and reshaping of fur coats and all existing types of fur products.

Transformation happens fast! Today, everything about fur at the same time becomes the second occupation of the company.

The technology of reshaping the fur is individual. However, the favorite thing takes on a new life in the capable hands of experts. And again, transforms you go out! The "Ronnon" company is pleased to offer you the service of restoration and redraw the various kinds of fur products. If you want to completely disassemble or add a new fur, partly replace or remove the old one, and it is possible to carry out and complete the restoration of the product, be sure that the "Ronnon" company always pick you the most correct decision at the moment! The range of natural fur samples of fox, raccoon, arctic fox, karakul, as well as many other exclusive and expensive materials.

Many of our clients have already appreciated the company's innovation. Today, due to reshape the outer clothing you have the chance not to spend money to buy the same product, and instead indulge in a brand-new thing!

Masters of the "Ronnon" company perform any operations on blocked hats, fur stoles, capes and coats and other fur products. And starting from the product correct length to full will block will hold all the necessary restoration work. Tips experienced cutters and designers allow the result to get the brand new model of the product. Here you will be required a minimum of effort, and as a result - a guarantee of quality and the envy of her friends!

The slightest defects will be removed using a redraw. And to completely transform the product, you have the opportunity to combine fur with other types of material, for example, inserts from other types of fur and leather. On request, you can also change the design and completely transform the appearance of the product itself. To help you better understand what happens as a result of work in the "Ronnon" company you are ready to provide a preliminary result, as well as to agree on all the details of future work. And a couple of weeks through your updated fur coat will be completely ready.

If you have any questions, please at any time contact for more information about the service and restoration redraw to the management of the company website.

Sincerely, your "Ronnon"company.