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Methods of payment

    Payment Methods:

  • Cash

  • Electronic payments

  • Credit card

  • The terminals QIWI and QIWI Wallet

  • Through PayPal

  • Bank Transfer

Cash payment
Cash can be paid to the courier for the order on delivery only in Moscow.
  Bank transfer
Bank transfer via any bank operating in the territory of Russia, can be paid:
• The total cost of the order completely.
Approximate term transfer of money between banks is no more than 2-3 working days. When paying by bank transfer fee is charged for the bank transfer of funds, which is an average of 3% of the order value. Cash Transfer occurs within 1 working day from the date of their arrival to our account.
Ñlaim check which is suitable for payment in any bank operating in the Russian Federation, the manager sends to a specified customer e-mail or fax, after discussing all the options and confirmation of the order or after approval of the method of delivery. Claim check will be sent completely filled, indicating the amount of payment and details of the company. Claim check can also be printed from your personal account.
ATTENTION! When filling out the slips by hand, be sure to check the spelling of the name of our company and details, otherwise the money will be credited to the bank to "unexplained accounts" and if you do not have time during the send proof of payment, the funds will be credited back. Allowed to write in the payment "for the order number ...". Payments from legal entities will not be accepted and will be transferred back.
DOWNLOAD claim check
Through PayPal
With PayPal

Through payment terminals QIWI and QIWI Wallet, you can pay

Payment terminals QIWI

 You may pay your order by using the payment terminal QIWI. It is easily recognizable by the characteristic red-haired color and friendly kiwi bird, which will help you understand all the nuances.

Payment terminals QIWI can be found in any town or settlement in Russia, they work around the clock, and shall be credited almost immediately. Over 60% of Russians regularly use QIWI services.

Payment of your order payment terminal QIWI takes only a few minutes! It's fast, easy and very convenient!

QIWI Purse

 If you have an e-purse QIWI, then you will be very easy to pay for your order! For payment you can use as web-sites, and websites adapted for mobile phones and smartphones.

Remember that you can top up the QIWI Purse by QIWI terminals and partners, as well as mobile showrooms, supermarkets, ATMs, online or mobile banking. You can also make payments  not only from the account QIWI Purse, but also by credit card, with a personal account of Beeline mobile phone, MegaFon, MTS, cash.

If you do not have QIWI Purse, you can register it on the official QIWI website in just a few minutes.

Bank card

Bank  card can be paid:

• The total cost of the order completely

Also you can pay by bank card in Moscow paragraphs ex.

Payment by bank card is only possible via the Internet, through ASSIST electronic payment system.

"When you pay an order by bank card (including the introduction of the card number), the payment is processed on a secure page of the ASSIST electronic payment system, which has passed the international certification. It means that your confidential data (card details, registration data, and others.) are not available in the online store, handling is fully protected and no one, including the name of your shop, can not get personal and banking data of the customer.

To protect data from unauthorized access during transmission from the client to the ASSIST system server uses SSL 3.0 protocol, server certificate (128 bit) has been issued by Thawte - a recognized certificate authority. You can check the authenticity of the server certificate. "

When paying order by bank card a refund is made on the card by which payment was made. We also recommend that you visit the page (payment security description).

Entrance to the payment terminal located in your personal account. Pay only orders made with the registration.

We accept payment by the following bank cards:

  • VISA
  • MasterCard
  • DCL

We do not accept bank cards for payment:

  • American Express
  • STB
  • Maestro
  • Cirrus
  • Visa Electron

Electronic payments

Payment by electronic purse is made through ASSIST system can be paid via electronic payment systems

Entrance to the payment terminal located in your personal account. Pay only orders made with the registration.


If you are in another city

You can pay via online banking or make a payment by bank card directly on our site.