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Turban of Blackglama/Black Nafa mink

  • Black
  • Blackglama
  • Mink
  • Lining 100% viscose

About Mink blackglama

Blackglama is really a unique and very rare species of mink, the amount of which is from the world of production is less than 2%. Such a small amount of it on the market has allowed to occupy this mink the most exclusive niche. Blackgalma is the most expensive mink in the world, the product of the present Blackglama can not be cheap. The fur of mink has an unusually dense underfur, which together with the also very frequent guard hairs create this highly prized product in velvet effect. Outer coat in Blackglama much thinner and lower than that of any other mink, so it feels very soft and silky. Blackglama is mink of natural black color. And as any natural black color shades in her present game underfur from gray-blue to brown slightly, tonality, which are absent in dyed black mink, which often passes for real Blackglama. Blackglama is the most warm mink fur, and most socks. Blackglama is the North American mink, which is marketed exclusively by American Legend (Seattle, USA) Unfortunately, Blackglama is also currently the most counterfeited brand fur, so we would like to draw your attention to the fact that each item of Blackglama must have Blackglama label, and meet all of the above characteristics. Buying headdress of Blackglama mink in our company, you get a guarantee of quality.

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