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Middle collar of raccoon

  • Brown
  • Lining 100% viscose
  • Raccoon

Raccoon small collar Raccoon fur is very light weight and therefore also has the important advantage among the other natural furs. It is durable, can withstand up to 15 seasons. Fluffy raccoon collar is especially popular in the world fashion trends. This season, fur can be any article of clothing. Evening dresses are combined with bolero and overhead collar raccoon and fox, stylish evening accessory is fur cape. The length of the fur does not matter, the main is silhouette. It is not always comfortable to wear fur coats or long fur coats . In this case, designers offer a variety of clothes with the help of fur accessories. It can be gloves, bags and shoes with fur trim. Fashionable at this season fur collar of raccoon perfect complement to knit a suit or an evening dress. It is said that raccoon fur, as a long-haired, has a certain effect on the human energy. It gives courage, energy, and allows you to feel more confident, so if you are in some doubt or insecure feeling, boldly wear the collar of raccoon and you will gain the necessary confidence.

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