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Stole of black arctic fox with chiffon

  • Black
  • White fox
  • Lining 100% chiffon

About Arctic foxes

Very fluffy, extremely soft and comfortable, fox fur is very popular in Russia. Arctic fox lives in the harsh climatic conditions, its fur is one of the warmest. Arctic fox used to sew all kinds of fur coats, opera cloaks, half-length coats, headdress, collars and couplings. Arctic fox fur is highly valued not only for its high aesthetic details and the ability to store heat, but also for unusual wear. Known also this kind of fur - fox and dog, which is a hybrid of arctic fox and silver fox. Fox fur is considered to be one of long piled - it is lush, warm and comfortable. To fur as long as possible remained soft and fluffy, it should be periodically brush by metal comb.

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