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Stoles, capes

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Fur stole - a cape, which is shaped like an elongated scarf. All items shown on the website of "Ronnon" made by special author's sketches in a few variations. Independent luxury accessories, fur stole is designed to protect the fragile shoulders of its owner's refined and suitable as a complement to the elegant evening dress. Depending on the wishes to buy a fur tippet comes and appearance. Man-made masters of elegant and austere classic designs, bold and flirty fur products were created for romantic persons. Upscale designers use for sewing stole one color option, or a mixture of colors. This variety of forms allows girls and women to look at the height of any reception. The most practical in the manufacture of fur stole traditionally considered mink and not least practical and most popular - the fox. Mink Fur retains color and shape for a long time. The secret of success of the fur tippet is mainly in its universality. For example, in everyday life it is able to make a chic stole flair and sophistication to your image, instantly transforming and lifting mood. It is advantageous to complement the evening open dress, its texture is widely used in a wedding dress on the catwalk, and international designers. In Russia during the reign of the kings of stoles marten and sable were in the wardrobe of every noble young lady. Buy a fur stole is now possible on a site "Ronnon" after analyzing the price and characteristics. Such a luxurious thing, like a fur stole, there will always be an indicator of prosperity and success, and occupied a privileged position in society.