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Clutches, mittens, high fur boots

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This amazing little thing designers pulled from the depths of centuries, and now fur muff has become a trendy accessory in which all fashion-mongers sigh. And why sigh? Actually the fact that the fur muff is certainly not a fur coat, and is not so expensive, and adds respectability the last. Speaking of muff, so recall photos of luxury women in charming hats, elegant dresses that hid their hands in the chic muff. And if you can imagine that the fur muff once belonged exclusively to male wardrobe? The age-old story, of course, upgraded the accessory, leaving us the most important thing: femininity and unique chic. Now fur muff is available not only to members of a privileged society, but also to all who want to keep their hands warm, and do it elegantly. How to wear this fashionable accessory, ask you? Natural fur muff accept both classic and graceful and modern style trends in fashion, so the muff-bag, for example, how well will be combined with jeans and to an elegant coat fur muff is a chic addition. Fur vest with muff is also an interesting duo. But with the coat will have to be careful. Recent fashion shows offer to wear a fur muff with a knit dress or even a business suit. Do you also think that it is a very interesting tandem?