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Big beret of marten

  • Brown
  • Marten
  • Lining 100% viscose

About marten

Marten - a fairly large animal length of 33-55 cm and 15-25 cm tail with a fluffy, soft fur gray-brown on the back and lighter on the sides. On the throat clearly expressed an orange stain that fades a bit in the winter. Unlike its closest relative sable, which lives mainly in Siberia, marten lives across Europe. Sometimes occurs on the eastern Urals. Distributed by the two types of martens - wood and stone. Marten from Russia is often called Russian sable, marten habitat - Canada, respectively, Canadian sable. But despite the fact that the fur of marten fur is quite similar to sable, they have a number of significant differences. Fur cover in sable more fluffy, silky and more lush than the marten. Yes, and they are different to the color. Do martens, particularly on the neck there is a large orange or white spot, which is called the "throat". The fur of this animal is very appreciated not only many centuries ago, in the modern world, he also enjoys great popularity. For the price it is much lower than that of sable fur, which makes it more accessible to the masses. Products from marten warm and perfect for our harsh Russian winters.

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