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Our advances

"Ronnon" - is the largest Russian company in the production and wholesale hats and accessories made of natural fur. Since 1996, the company maintains its high position on the quality and level of service in Moscow and other Russian cities. A positive history, recognizable brand and reputation are keys to a successful confidence in the brand's products.

From 2000 to the present time the "Ronnon" company - specialized exhibitions medalist and winner of professional competitions, as well as the long-awaited guest fur exhibitions in many cities of Russia.

Tradition and production companies

What is the "Ronnon" company different from other manufacturers? Initially, we offer our customers guaranteed the highest quality products available in the first place, thanks to modern production technologies. A wide range of "Ronnon" company will allow you to choose the headpiece or accessory to almost any subject of your wardrobe, and qualified employees of the company and answer any questions that the purchase has become a boon for you in anticipation of the coming winter season.

The variety of different shapes and patterns provided on the site is suitable for each image, correctly completing it. In the company you can find classic and trendy products made of natural fur wholesale and retail, which are sold at reasonable prices.

Benefits for our customers

Operational performance of wholesale orders, flexible system of discounts, as well as the guarantee of health certificate for the entire range of products purchased, through "Ronnon" company you can be sure of success! Because, as we all know, a reliable partner for cooperation - is the key to the company's progress.

Employees of 'Ronnon " have tried to simplify the buying opportunity for our customers, so, for convenience, you can use the online ordering system which will be implemented through the express parcel service with a carrier that you get things quickly and on time.

The interaction with the customer and production base

Today the "Ronnon" company works only with highly qualified specialists and designers who appreciate their customers, providing fur, you continued to catch yourself admiring glances. The company, including constantly working on a variety of assortment, referring to, you can also get all the best! Manufacture of fur hats companies "Ronnon" is based on the possession of modern production base, equipped with the latest technological developments, as well as using only the fur, which comes from the Russian farms and international auctions.

Awards and achievements

We all understand that the civilized company needs to help a society solve social problems. In 2005 it held a charity event to help children in the framework of the First International fur festival. In the same year the company provides charitable assistance to the Centre of social assistance "Eastern Degunino".

Among other achievements of the company:

2001 the "Ronnon" company became winner of the exhibition "Masters of Russia", and hats companies awarded a diploma for the high quality and design;

2003 The "Ronnon" company is the winner of the International Exhibition Chapeau;

2004 - the "Ronnon" company's victory in the "Profession fur" contest as the best headdress;

2005 - award for quality at the First International fur festival;

2006-2015 - Certificates and diplomas Chapeau exhibitions, "Fur in the Arena" and "Fur Tishinka"

Today the "Ronnon" experience in the fur industry - this is what allows us to find an individual approach and satisfy everyone's wishes.

Come to our offices to get acquainted with the assortment of high-quality fur. We are always glad to see you!